Terms and conditions

Section 1 - Definitions

Seeing as we're not using any legal terms or fancy words, we don't think you'll need any explanations to any definitions.

Section 2 - The entrepreneur's identity

We are Guts & Gusto B.V. established at:

Tubantiasingel 1
7514AA Enschede
KVK number: 65156269
BTW number: NL856001375B01
+31 85 0471747

and you can find us here:

Arnhem, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Groningen, Tilburg, Westfield Mall of the Netherlands (Leidschendam) and two stores in Enschede

Section 3 - Applicability

  1. We want you to be happy with the products and items you purchase from us.
  2. These terms and conditions are valid for any products you buy, or have bought from us.
  3. They also state how we treat each other. Makes sense, but we'd like to to be able to show you what's important to us.
  4. Some items or products may have their own terms and conditions. If these terms and conditions are conflicting with our general terms and conditions, we'll try our best to work things out with you as our customer. Because see section 1.

Section 4 - Our selection

  1. We do our very best to tell you all we can about the items you purchase from us. Everything we know from fitting to delivery times, about prices and discounts and about exchanging or returning an item. Because, well see section 2.
  2. We want you to be happy with what you've bought from us.
  3. When you buy a product or item from us, an agreement is set into motion. Part of this agreement is: you pass on your payment details in order to pay for the product or item. We use a payment method called SSL which insures all payments are safeley passed through our provider Buckaroo. No third party is involved, because they don't need to be.
  4. If you order online, you'll receive a purchase receipt via e-mail. A purchase receipt can also be sent to you if you buy something at one of our stores, but they do old fashioned paper receipts too if you prefer. Or both. Whatever you want, we'll roll with it.
  5. Your receipt has all the information you ánd we need if you want to return or exchange an item. So make sure you keep it safe.
  6. As soon as we've received the payment, we get to work putting your order together. We personally gift wrap each and every order because, well see section 5.
  7. We want you to be happy with what you've bought from us.

Section 5 - Right of withdrawal, a.k.a. returning and exchanging

  1. So you've bought something that you're not completely happy about.. It happens. No worries though, you can send it back to us within 14 days. You don't have to tell us why you're returning it, but we are a little curious.
  2. Of course you can try on whatever you've bought within the 14 days policy. We get that you might need your BFF's advice first. But, please make sure that you keep it neat and clean before returning it. And please leave all of the tags and labels on for us. That way we can resell the item to someone else that will really love it! That's what we're all about.
  3. You can find more information about returning items on our service page&

Section 6 - Guarantee

We feel you deserve perfect item. If there seems to be something wrong with what you've bought, we would really like to work it out with you. We'll go as far as we can to please you, but we do have to stick to these official rules.

Section 7 - Delivery and procedures

  1. If you order an item between Sunday and Friday before 21:30, your order will be packed up and shipped out to you that same day. Usually you'll then receive your order the very next day.
  2. If you order (and have payed for) an item that we suddenly can't ship out to you, you'll receive the full amount paid back to your account. We'll also try our best to see if we can help you find a comparable item, that you can return to us if it doesn't quite fit what you were looking for.
  3. If your order rips, breaks or is lost before it reaches you, then that's a problem for us to figure out. According to the official rules and regulations, we're responsible for your order untill it gets to you. That's one less thing for you to worry about.

Section 8 - Complaints procedure and disputes

  1. Just in case we failed to mention: we want you to be happy with your purchase from us.
  2. Maybe you still have a complaint? We'll do whatever we can to get you smiling again. We've even got an official procedure set up:
    1. If you have a complaint, please let us know as soon as possible. If you would be so kind as to explain to us what the problem is, then we'll try to get it sorted out.
    2. We'll respond to your complaint within two days. We'll either have a solution ready, or we'll let you know we're still working on it and we might need a bit more time. But we promise you this; we always respond to let you know we've heard you and are trying our best.
  3. Not happy about the solution(s) we've given you? That bothers us big time. You could then send your complaint to the Disputes committee

Section 9 - Copyright

This webshop and all online & social media pages have copyright protection. All pictures, photographs, texts and video content on gutsgusto.com or any online & social media pages are property of Guts & Gusto BV. Without written permission from Guts & Gusto BV you are not permitted to use any of this content in any way. If you've seen a photo or video you would like to use, please contact us via info@gutsgusto.com

Section 10 - Additional or deviating provisions

We hope everything is easy enough to read and understand. If in the future we decide to change any of our terms and conditions, we'll let you know via this page. We'll only change things if we're certain it's necessary to ensure your happiness when shopping with us.