Your privacy is important to us. Always.

This page was last edited on the 12th of jan 2024

We do everything we can to keep your private details safe. And we mean safe. Your details are saved in our super safe database and we never authorize access to any third parties. Ever.

To make sure our service is the best it can be, we need some details from you. Please read the following information

  • To make sure that PostNL delivers your order as fast as possible we obviously need your address. Without it we can't ship your order! The track & trace code we provide you with, needs to be attached to a valid e-mail address. It's handy though right?
  • To complete a payment, you must inform us of your bank details. Our payment method SSL is a safe way to direct your payment to us, directly through our payment provider Buckaroo. This way it's a few simple steps and no third party has anything to do with any of it, because they don't need to be involved.
  • We like to keep you updated by sending you emails every now and again. Fill in your profile to let us know what you love and this way our emails will suit your interests. You probably receive enough spam as it is.
  • We have a cookie jar. Sadly, it's not filled with chocolate chip cookies but with little pieces of information that are saved in your webbrowser. Read more about our cookies on our cookie page . The cookies are handy though, they make sure you don't have to fill in all of your details everytime you shop with us. We hand cookies out too by making personals offers and deals or showing advertisements. Not hungry for cookies? You can always turn them off in your webbrowser.

It's always possible for you to check and edit your personal information. If you want, you can even delete it all but we would find that an awful shame. Let us know if you need help editing anything, or log in to your Guts & Gusto account to edit things yourself.

You always have the right to object to us registering your personal details, even if you have given us permission to. You can always retract your permission. We can't imagine you would need to retract your permission seeing as we take privacy as serious as it can get, but in case you're not satisfied you have every right to file an official complaint at the Authorities of Personal Data.

Guts & Gusto BV is the only authorised company that can acces your personal data. We will safely register personal data up until the moment that you decide that you want it all deleted. If you register to receive our newsletter, this means you've given permission to a company called Mailchimp to use some of your personal information. Mailchimp is our newsletter distributor. Any given details are only accesable for a small and specific group of Guts & Gusto staff members.

By the way, we work by the official rules and regulations of Algemene verordening gegevensbescherming (AVG).Our products can be found on other websites too. Sadly we can't guarantee that these websites follow the same set of rules and regulations that we do, or that they respect your privacy like we do. We hope you understand that we are therefor not responsible for their actions.

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